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Animals Pack is your key to unlocking the wonders of the animal kingdom. 🌿🦁🐺
Venture into unspoiled wilderness with our latest release Animals, a menagerie of majestic creatures that will awaken your spirit of adventure. 🐾

Wander through enchanted forests, cross endless savannahs and dive into crystal clear waters as you encounter a variety of wildlife, each with their own unique charm and grace.

Package of low-polygon 3D models optimized for game engines, consisting of 100 assets such as wild, predatory, farm, aquatic animals and pets! You can watch the free version of Animals here (include only 7 animals).

● Key Features ●

– 100 assets that unlock boundless opportunities for creating unique locations. You can arrange landscapes and obstacles in a way that makes each level more challenging and engaging.
– A demo scene is a prepared location that you can view in pictures, ready for use in your projects and will save your precious time. You can use it or create your own unique level.
– Models are optimized for game engines, easily editable and customizable. You can also use them for animations, advertising and marketing, VR/AR, 3D printing.
– Regular updates and support. We aim to improve this package, add new resources, and constantly enhance its content.

● Pack Content ●

100 models:
– Wild animals (x36)
Swan (x2), deer (x4), giraffe, elephant (x4), lama, ram, roe deer, moose (x3), camel (x3), bison, zebra, gorilla, kangaroo, koala, monkey (x2), rhinoceros, hippopotamus, flamingo, pigeon (x2), flying pigeon (x2)
– Predatory animals (x19)
Tiger (x2), lion (x2), wolf (x2), fox, raccoon, bear (x4), polar bear (x2), panda (x2)
– Farm animals (x22)
Pig (x3), sheep (x3), goat (x2), donkey, horse (x5), cow (x2), bull, chicken (x2), duck, chick
– Pets (x15)
Dog (x7), cat (x4), kitty (x4)
– Aquatic animals (x8)
Seal (x3), walrus, crocodile, pinguin (x3)

● Rig ●

– Rig is made in the likeness of the real bone structure to be able to create natural movement in the animation;
– Rig has a “root” bone;
– Total number of bones for the rig: 10-50 bones.

● Animation ●

If you need to perform animations for these animals – you can contact us and we will help you with this.

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Technical Info

Technical Info

● Geometry ●

– 100 unique assets;
– 165k triangles all pack.

● Scale ●


● Material ●

All models use one materials (color).

● Textures ●

All models use one texture (as a color palette).
Resolution: 1024 px

● Files ●

Unity Package, Unreal Engine, Blender, C4D, Maya, 3DSMax, FBX, OBJ, GLTF, STL

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4 reviews for Animals

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    cute animals)

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    Nice pack

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    Alisa Weber

    These adorable animals were just what I needed. Highly recommended.

  4. Avatar photo

    jaypad07 (verified owner)

    I had an exceptional experience with this developer! They provided invaluable assistance in resolving issues with my models. Their attentiveness and friendliness truly stood out, showcasing excellent customer service. Love the animal models, they look great!

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