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Immerse yourself in the world of military operations with our Military 3D model package! This set of low-polygon models optimized for game engines includes 415 assets, encompassing landscapes, buildings, transport, plants, props, and much more. Create unique locations by combining various elements such as mountains, buildings, and transport to make your gaming environment captivating and engaging.
You can watch the free version of Military here (include only 26 assets).

● Key Features ●

– 415 assets that offer limitless possibilities for creating unique locations. You can arrange landscapes, buildings, and structures in a way that makes the location interesting and exciting.
– A demo scene is a prepared location that you can view in pictures, ready for use in your projects and will save your precious time. You can use it or create your own unique level.
– Models are optimized for game engines, easily editable and customizable. You can also use them for animations, advertising and marketing, VR/AR, 3D printing.
– Regular updates and support. We aim to improve this package, add new resources, and constantly enhance its content.

● Pack Content ●

A demo scene is a prepared location that you can view in pictures.

415 models:
– Landscape (x48)
Ground, road, mountains, dunes, plains, hills, etc.
– Buildings (x27)
Hangar, garage, barracks, checkpoint, administrative building, guard tower, Command and control center, communication tower, storage tank, water tower, etc.
– Transport (x71)
Cargo plane, fighter jet, helicopter, tank, all-terrain vehicle, armored personnel carrier, truck, military car, car with a machine gun, trailer, etc.
– Plants (x42)
Trees, bushes, cacti, shrubs, dry trees, stumps, branches, etc.
– Props (x227)
Large tent, military tent, container, transport control station, antenna, lighting mast, poles, wires, airplane ramp, toilet stalls, ammunition boxes, ammunition, rocket, military spikes, lighting fixture, pipes, water tank, wheels, sand bags, concrete fence, fencing, parapet, box, box, tray, table, barrel, target, simulators, obstacle course, bagging, fence, generator, walls, etc.

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Technical Info

Technical Info

● Geometry ●

– 415 unique assets;
– 257k triangles all pack.

● Scale ●


● Material ●

All models use 4 materials

● Textures ●

4 textures
Resolution: 2048 px

● Files ●

Unity Package, Unreal Engine, Blender, C4D, Maya, 3DSMax, FBX, OBJ, GLTF, STL

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