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Welcome to the world of game magic!
Discover the exciting Platformer 1 Deathrun pack, a collection of 3D models that will turn your game projects into exciting adventures. Create worlds full of danger, puzzles and fantastic possibilities!

● Key Features ●

– 103 assets, which offer endless possibilities for crafting unique locations. You can arrange landscapes and obstacles in ways that make each level more intricate and engaging.
– 3 pre-designed game levels, ready for use in your projects, saving you valuable time. These levels span 220 meters and showcase a variety of asset combinations for inspiration.
– The HDRI in the product content is different from what you see in the preview renderers.
– Models are optimized for game engines, easily editable and customizable. You can also use them for animations, advertising and marketing, VR/AR, 3D printing.
– Regular updates and support. We aim to improve this package, add new resources, and constantly enhance its content.

● Pack Content ●

3 pre-designed game levels that you can view in pictures.

103 models:
– Landscape (x11)
Lands, water, waves, water shadow
– Stones (x10)
Rocks, stones, falling stone, stone pointer
– Vegetation (x9)
Tree, grass, flower, bush
– Stuff (x11)
Apple, berries, bomb, coin, dynamite, key, ring, star
– Props (x39)
Anvil, log, bone, box, bridge, cauldron, checkpoint, fence, finish, flag, hive, indicator, ladder, leadboard, pumpkin, rope, scroll, signboard, stake, etc.
– Obstacles (x23)
Barrier, fence, log construction, hammer, axe, sledgehammer, peak, mace, etc.

Don’t miss the chance to bring exciting game worlds to life! The Platformer 1 Deathrun package is an opportunity to create games that will capture your imagination and become your guide to the world of entertainment. Open the doors to gaming magic with Platformer 1 Deathrun!

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Technical Info

Technical Info

● Geometry ●

103 unique assets;
41k triangles all pack.

● Scale ●


● Materials ●

All models use 9 materials (color, emissive, lines, log, mushroom, rope, shadow, water, waves).

● Textures ●

All models use 6 textures (color, lines, log, mushroom, rope, waves);
Resolution: 1024, 2048 px.

● Files ●

Unity Package, Unreal Engine, Blender, C4D, Maya, 3DSMax, FBX, OBJ, GLTF, STL

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Platformer 1 Deathrun

  1. Avatar photo


    Good package

  2. Avatar photo

    Tom W.

    VERY NICE 👍🙂

  3. Avatar photo

    Amar Pande (verified owner)

    How can I contact you to get a quick response if I have any questions about the package?

  4. Avatar photo

    Viktor V. (verified owner)

    After watching this pack I was inspired to make a game!

    • Avatar photo

      ITHappy Store

      This is cool. Let me know when you’re done! We are glad that you liked the assets!

  5. Avatar photo


    Great support! Andrey helps me a lot doing some customization. Thanks brother

    • Avatar photo

      ITHappy Store

      You’re welcome

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