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Sci-Fi Rooms


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Sci-Fi Rooms is a package of low-polygon 3D models optimized for game engines, consisting of 28 prepared rooms such as bio-lab, main engine room, storage room, control room, nuclear facility room and much more!

● Key Features ●

– 608 assets that offer limitless possibilities for creating unique interiors.
– 28 prepared rooms that you can view in pictures, ready for use in your projects and will save your precious time. You can use it or create your own unique interior.
– Models are optimized for game engines, easily editable and customizable. You can also use them for animations, advertising and marketing, VR/AR, 3D printing.
– Regular updates and support. We aim to improve this package, add new resources, and constantly enhance its content.

● Room types ●

– Bio-lab
– Medical room
– Front desk
– Gateway
– Waiting room
– Recreation room
– Main computer room
– Kitchen
– Living room
– VIP room
– Laboratory
– Sleeping room
– Examination room
– Work room
– Information center
– Control room
– Storage room
– Main engine room
– Garage
– Nuclear facility room

● Pack Content ●

28 prepared rooms contain 608 models:
– Walls (x84)
Wall, beam, arch, doorway, hole wall, round wall, modular wall, wall with sleeper compartment, podium, elevation, slab
– Boxes (x6)
– Floor (x10)
Tiles, panels, metal sheets, etc.
– Doors (x30)
Door frame, cargo door, regular door, hatch, locker door, sliding door, etc.
– Windows (x11)
Round, square, rectangular, protective, double, etc.
– Wall Tiles (x17)
– Table (11)
Square, angular, rectangular, rack, surgical, etc.
– Seat (x12)
Pilot’s seat, sofa, stool, chair, computer chair, sofa round, etc.
– Fences (x4)
Railing, fence, fencing
– Kitchen (x9)
Nightstand, closet, kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, shelving unit
– Pipes (x66)
Square, round, straight, rounded, modular, etc.
– Computers (x67)
Memory station, graph, diagram, scanner, scoreboard, monitor, input panel, info monitor, printer, robot, computer unit, memory unit, laboratory, system unit, etc.
– Beds (x12)
Mattress, single bed, double bed, life support capsule, smart bed
– Props (x269)
Markup, cup, flower, carpet, wastepaper, aquarium, ladder, glass, hood, chamber, pillow, tube, panel, inscription, fan, frame, plate, audio recorder, box, bottle, pot, picture, stand, toaster, video recorder, coffee machine, dishes, crisps, drone, flask, watch, pencil, gun, lamp, keyboard, starship, jar, etc.

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Technical Info

Technical Info

● Geometry ●

– 608 unique assets;
– 120k triangles all pack.

● Scale ●


● Room sizes (meters) ●


● Material ●

All models use 3 materials (color, emission, glass)

● Textures ●

All models use one texture (as a color palette).
Resolution: 1024 px

● Files ●

Unity Package, Unreal Engine, Blender, C4D, Maya, 3DSMax, FBX, OBJ, GLTF, STL

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Sci-Fi Rooms

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    recommend. looks fantastic!

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    Olivander2023 (verified owner)

    Unique sci-fi models as I needed

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    Good assets

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