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🏭 Welcome to the factory of the future!
🔩 Discover the stunning Factory package, a collection of 3D models that will turn your projects into industrial masterpieces.
Create worlds full of machines, factory lines and professional precision! 🌟

● Key Features ●

– 282 assets that offer limitless possibilities for creating unique locations. You can arrange landscapes, buildings, and structures in a way that makes the location interesting and exciting.
– A demo scene is a prepared location that you can view in pictures, ready for use in your projects and will save your precious time. You can use it or create your own unique level.
– Models are optimized for game engines, easily editable and customizable. You can also use them for animations, advertising and marketing, VR/AR, 3D printing.
– Regular updates and support. We aim to improve this package, add new resources, and constantly enhance its content.

● Pack Content ●

A demo scene is a prepared location that you can view in pictures.

282 models:
– Landscape (x16)
Borders, ground, mountain, road, road marking
– Vegetation (x24)
Firs, pine trees
– Transport (x14)
Car, cargo car, forklift, truck, truck trailer
– Props (x140)
Barrel, bench, box, bush, cart, coil, concrete slab, container, fence, flashlight, pallet,
substation, solar panel, power line, road barrier, trash, walls, etc.
– Pipes (x58)
Pipe connector, pipe link, metal construction, railing, tank, tube, etc.
– Buildings (x30)
Apartment, bridge, cabin, cooling pond, doors, hangar, factory, institute, storage, etc.

🏭 Don’t miss the chance to create projects that epitomize industrial progress! The Factory package is an opportunity to bring professionalism and precision to your work.
🔩 Open the doors to the world of industry with Factory! 🏭

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Technical Info

Technical Info

● Geometry ●

282 unique assets;
208k triangles all pack.

● Scale ●


● Materials ●

All models use 3 materials (color, emissive, glass).

● Textures ●

All models use 1 texture (base color);
Resolution: 1024, 2048 px.

● Files ●

Unity Package, Unreal Engine, Blender, C4D, Maya, 3DSMax, FBX, OBJ, GLTF, STL

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    Exactly what I was looking for, very well done

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